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Joe Avedis is a big proponent of diversification.

Over the years he's worked as a financial journalist, copywriter and editorial consultant. He's written for some of the largest news outlets in the world and has won a variety of awards for his reporting.

Joe has always been interested in wealth and markets. As a budding 7-year-old entrepreneur, he wasn't satisfied with a single lemonade stand -- he wanted to build two and start franchising.

His interest in finance grew even stronger in later years. Rather than betting on fantasy football, Joe and a few of his university friends preferred to wager on virtual stocks.

While the idea of a career in the financial industry was appealing, Joe was also passionate about another possibility -- journalism. He broke into the news business as a beat reporter, spending many late nights at city council meetings or police headquarters.

While this work was rewarding, his heart was always somewhere else. After one too many late night council assignments, Joe decided to merge his love of writing with his love of markets.

He packed his bags for Manhattan, signing on to work for a division of one the world's largest financial news organizations.

In his new role as a mergers and acquisitions reporter, Joe spent countless hours investigating potential equity sales, IPOs and mergers. He picked the brain of every market analyst and investment banker for actionable information. He cultivated relationships with private equity partners and venture capitalists, always looking to glean that extra bit of information to give his readers a competitive edge.

Joe also spent much of his time speaking with CEOs. These discussions typically centered around growth strategy, competition, product lines and other business chatter. Yet he also enjoyed candid, off-the-record conversations with these corporate leaders about golf, politics, the meaning of life, the rascality of the media and just about every other topic under the sun.

If you ask Joe, this was the best financial education imaginable. A few years commiserating with the world's best bankers, CEOs and venture capitalists teaches you things you'll never learn at Harvard Business School.

Eventually Joe would hang out his own shingle as an editorial consultant for a variety of financial clients. He's worked closely with banks, credit unions, private equity firms and other financial entities.

His wealth building roadmap is simple -- he'll work tirelessly to uncover even the tiniest edge for his readers to exploit. He'll also tap his list of industry contacts to stay abreast of the latest and most valuable breaking information.

Then he'll put it all in the proper context and deliver it directly to you, the reader.

He looks forward to the beginning of a long -- and very prosperous -- relationship.

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