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Don't Own a Home? Here's How You Can Still Build Long-term Wealth

For most people, home ownership isn’t just about a living space – it’s the biggest financial asset of their lives. Rising home values build fast equity. ...

How to Make Money in Real Estate -- Without the Hassle of Owning Property

Real estate is often a fantastic investment. Yet it comes with a specific set of headaches. Finding good tenants isn't easy. Then you have to keep them. You'll ...

Real Estate: The Ultimate Wealth Building Weapon

Today I'd like to talk about the amazing wealth building power of real estate. First, let me tell you a little story about a guy named Peter. If he were still around ...

Why Inner City Real Estate Makes a Smart Retirement Investment

Greek warrior and philosopher Thucydides put it simply - "fortune favors the bold." But fortune doesn't favor the rash. If you want to be a great investor, you need to ...

Residential Real Estate Investing 2015

Predicting trends is key to be successful in residential real estate investing. Once you know some methods for doing that, you can invest in areas that are likely to ...

How to Build Wealth -- Without the Stock Market

It's 1968, and your grandmother just gave you a dollar for your tenth birthday. You're a bit underwhelmed. The dollar doesn't seem like much. Yet it's the ...

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