How to Build Big Wealth in a Bear Market

"I was nearly wiped out in the financial crisis, and before I read this I was very skiddish about getting back into the market. This article convinced me that a bear market isn't necessarily bad news. With these tips I've gotten back into the market and almost completely replenished my IRA." -- Nick (Lubbock, TX)

"Yes! I love this advice about how to make money in bear markets. For savvy investors, bear markets are buying opportunities, which are rare, so we wait for them with glee. The stock market is one place where only a few (smart) investors buy stocks when they are on sale." -- William (Las Vegas, NV)

"Joe's article reinforces the maxim that what goes up must eventually come down. His analysis opened my eyes to the fact that there are multiple investment tools that make profit on the way down as much as there are those that profit on gain as well." --  Tom (Sacramento, CA).

"When I read this report, it was like a light bulb went on in my head! I now understand the opportunities for wealth building in a bear market. Thank you!" -- Jennie (Charlotte, NC)

"Joe showed me how I could keep earning in a down market before my portfolio was even live. He helped me diversify my holdings with ETFs and short positions and, with his help, I have been able to finish every single year in the black."  -- Sam (Dayton, OH)


Stockpile Wealth With These Shrewd Investment Strategies

"These strategies aren't just a collection of get rich quick tips. They really are a plan to amass and preserve your wealth."  -- (Sarah, Navarre, FL)

"This concise, information­packed article clearly makes the case for “Time’s on your side”. It certainly helped convince me of the value of starting early and, importantly, to stay away from fads and bubbles; they’re full of money traps. These are the very foundations of investing." -- Carroll Wayne B (Richmond Hill, GA)

"Upon reading this investment advice, it helped me to expand my profitable investments by taking a global investment approach rather than solely focusing on U.S. domestic investments. In addition, my time horizon extended to think of longer terms as opposed to following temporary market whims. My re­balanced portfolio will benefit." -- William (Las Vegas, NV)

"The long-term investment strategies that Joe gave me were incredible. He showed me how cutting my expenses and investing the savings compounds for the future. His advice took investing, something I am not generally comfortable with, and put it in terms I could understand so that I feel in control of my financial future at every level."  - Tom (Philadelphia, PA)

"When it comes to wealth building advice, Joe's article hits the target in the center. While bringing up well-known saving principles and compounding, Joe also vividly teaches us the risk and danger of getting caught in a rising investment bubble as well. It's solid advice in protecting wealth gain and not losing it." --  Tom (Sacramento, CA)


Billionaire Academy: Wealth Building Lessons from the Super Elite

"Sage advice from some of the most sagacious investors in history. Warren Buffet’s sound bites are heard and memorized by millions; however, the methodologies of Dan Gilbert and Mark Cuban are new, priceless information. I'm already thinking of some new investments to make." -- Carroll Wayne B (Richmond Hill, GA)

"Finance and investing always seemed so inaccessible to me before I read this article. You think about billionaires and you think, "I could never do that­­I just don't know how." It helped motivate me to get started when I read here that Dan Gilbert, the owner of an NBA franchise, barely even uses spreadsheets!" -- Nick (Lubbock, TX)

"I was enthusiastic to read the sage advice about tax savings, opportunities in economic revitalization, and the bullish take on value­investing for future benefit. It is encouraging to review investment strategies that work and to learn some new ideas that could make me a billionaire also." -- William (Las Vegas, NV)

"If you want to be rich, the best way to do it is to learn from people who have already made their billions.  This report showed me the tricks that billionaires use to make money." -- Jennifer N (Culver City, CA)

"I've often heard the lesson that success breeds success, but Joe's article on the habits of the wealthy reinforces this lesson in a very vivid example, bringing home the fact that wealthy people are rich for a very good reason. It's a lesson we all should learn repeatedly." -- Tom (Sacramento, CA)


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