A Wealth Building Strategy That Pays Dividends


Here's the unvarnished truth about wealth building.

Almost anyone can do it -- yet few of us do.

It's like getting in shape. We know it boils down to a basic principle -- burn more calories than you consume.

The formula for wealth building is equally elegant -- generate more income than you spend, then invest the difference.

Yet if it's so simple, why isn't everyone successful?

Because it takes work. You must train yourself to think and act differently. It requires discipline and education.

Dieters often reach for products that promise to make them "lose weight fast."

Investors have their own version -- it's called "get rich quick."

Yet there are no shortcuts.

Many people don't want to hear this. They want a magic wand solution. It's the same reason diets fail. The prospect of future reward isn't strong enough to overcome the desire for instant gratification.

I'd wager you're not one of those people. If you're reading this, you're either an experienced wealth builder -- or you have the desire to become one.

Either way, we're here to help protect and grow your assets.

In these newsletters, we're going to help you put ideas into action. We're going to put new information in the right context. We're going to work ceaselessly to uncover even the tiniest advantages for you to exploit.

So let's get to work.

A powerful -- yet often overlooked -- wealth building tool

Today I want to discuss a long-term wealth strategy that's often overlooked.

Dividend payments.

They're a lot older than you might think.

In the early 1600s, Dutch spice traders had a big problem. Voyages lasted months. There was no efficient communication system. Pirates lurked. Supply and demand was wildly unpredictable.

If a few merchant ships pulled into port at once, the price for spices would plunge.

Men were losing money. So they did the smart thing -- they banded together and incorporated. They sought out investors ...

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