How Entrepreneurship Could Radically Change Your Life


There are myriad ways to build wealth. Stocks, real estate or a lucrative job, for example.

Yet there's only one way to build an empire.


Many of us dismiss this possibility too easily. We think building a business is too risky or time-consuming. Or that we don't have the money. Perhaps we aren't entrepreneurial timber.

We're often wrong on all counts.

It's never been easier to build wealth through business. Technology has reduced the barrier to entry considerably. You no longer need as much time or money to get started.

We also often sell ourselves short when it comes to entrepreneurial spirit.

There are certainly common traits among great entrepreneurs. They see hidden opportunities. They use technology to gain an advantage. They possess the vision to see possibilities others miss.

Yet these are all things the average person can embrace.

And money? Access to it is helpful, no question. Yet it's not the only factor, or even the most important. If your idea is good enough, money will find you. If you create something valuable, investors will appear.

Let's talk for a minute about Steve Jobs. Jobs wasn't a brilliant programmer -- or even a good one. His technical chops were dubious. He wasn't a computer genius.

He was a marketing genius, however. He had incomparable taste.

After being forced out of Apple in the 1980s, Jobs seethed with anger and resentment. He started a new computer business called NeXT. He was going to show Apple forcing him out was a huge mistake.

It didn’t happen.

NeXT bombed, commercially speaking. It never became Jobs' platform for sweet validation and revenge.

Did that matter? Not to Jobs. He was too busy building another small and largely unknown company.

It started out selling computer hardware, but wasn't particularly successful. The company then pivoted to computer animation.

Their first full-length feature? A little film called "Toy ...

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