Wealth Management

Crash into Cash -- How to Profit from the Oil Plunge

These days you can't drive past a gas station without smiling. Unless you're personally invested in the oil sector. In that case, we extend our sympathies. U.S. ...

Real Estate: The Ultimate Wealth Building Weapon

Today I'd like to talk about the amazing wealth building power of real estate. First, let me tell you a little story about a guy named Peter. If he were still around ...

Why the Smart Money is Flowing to Oil

Open a newspaper and you'll see the same tales of woe. Oil companies bleeding money. Workers being laid off. Operations being shut down. It's not a great time to ...

A Crash Course on Retirement Fitness

When it comes to retirement, the signals are definitely mixed. A recent study by Fidelity offers some room for optimism. Their data shows the total amount of wealth in 401ks ...

How to Become a "401k Millionaire"

Is it possible to save a million dollars for retirement on a relatively modest salary? Yes -- without a doubt. In fact, it's far easier than you probably think. A ...

How to Ensure You'll Never Outlive Your Savings

Let's begin with some good news. We're living longer and staying healthier. The average retirement now lasts two decades. Here's the bad news. Many of us ...

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